Which Countries Did Not Sign The Paris Agreement 2018

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The authors of the agreement set a withdrawal schedule that President Trump must follow – which prevents him from irreparably harming our climate. Accountability is ensured primarily through an “enhanced transparency framework”. All countries are required to provide emission inventories and “information necessary to monitor progress in the implementation and achievement of their NDCs”. These reports will be subject to independent review by technical experts and a “multilateral and facilitating review of progress” by other governments. Many national governments have proposed new financial commitments in Paris. In total, developed countries have pledged $19 billion to assist developing countries. In a further sign that developing countries are also providing support, Vietnam has pledged US$1 million to the new Green Climate Fund (GCF). As a contribution to the objectives of the agreement, countries have submitted comprehensive national climate protection plans (nationally defined contributions, NDCs). These are not yet sufficient to meet the agreed temperature targets, but the agreement charts the way forward. As of July 2020, the GCF had pledged $10.3 billion by 45 governments (including nine developing countries), $24.3 million by 3 regional governments, and $1.3 million by a municipal government. At the GCF First Replenishment Commitment Conference in October 2019, 27 countries pledged a total of $9.78 billion over the next four years, with additional commitments made since then. Almost half of these countries have doubled or doubled their commitments. With the Austrian government`s promise of €100 in September 2020, the GCF was able to reach the $10 billion mark.

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