Bt Wayleave Agreement

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Perhaps similar to the experience of Don Tuske: We have problems with SSE`s poor communication on paths and work. The team appeared yesterday without warning, even though it happened a few weeks ago, and I asked SSE to inform us in advance. (Political docs say 5 days in advance, except in an emergency.) We have to work on our country, but we are not happy with some of the demands that the team has made, their responsibilities, etc., so we are investigating. If I were you, Don, I`d be careful with all the quick fix offers from SSE. What you describe, the installation of devices without knowing let alone consent, the applications me. Good luck! Hello just a few to see if you can advise me. During the summer came home a walk found 2 free-range work pierce the back of my house just finish putting a long black box of fibers and wires. I asked what they said about the land we said, but why I had a problem, I said because it was my house and you did not have permission to drill my walls and put everything they said, they thought it was a consulting house and they had permission to say I was a euphemism that I went to find the boss , but I couldn`t by email and email anything I sounded and didn`t ring as well. I thought I was waiting until all the covid were finished, I was going to come back with him in mid-October I got a way to run more cables to the back of my house I contacted the officer told him as I was disgusting with this behavior he said, let me make a claim with me for that and this 185 thread came in the mail this morning to add an offer for this and a letter. to sign it right away, then I`ll get my money I`m gobsmacked I`m looking for legal action or I legally accept a large company like BT I think I will have no chance, every board would be really grateful xxx The landowner can only serve this communication in limited circumstances, as if they have a firm intention to redeploy the premises (and if the development could not be achieved reasonably , unless the operator has significantly breached its obligations under the agreement.

Even if the operator challenges the notification, the procedure may require a court hearing, so the result is not certain. Another formal request may also be required to require the operator to withdraw its equipment.

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