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(a) the supplier and recipient must immediately agree that the customer/recipient provides the invoice; In other words, the supplier must authorize the recipient to issue the corresponding invoices (contract procedure); Unless otherwise stated, these agreements apply to users of European Union countries (excluding Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Spain), Liechtenstein and San Marino. To view agreements for another country or region, choose from the list below. In the drafting of the aforementioned agreement, it is necessary to take into account the new Spanish billing regulation (Royal Order 1619/2012) which transposes the 2010/45/EU directive which came into force on 1 January 2013. These legal agreements and opinions contain terms and conditions for certain services PayPal. As an option, you can check the payment method chosen by the buyer and the status of the billing agreement by calling the ValidateBillingAgrement process before displaying the buyer`s thank you page. This ensures that the payment method chosen by the buyer is valid at that time and that the likelihood of a default is reduced if you try to charge the buyer a charge at a later date. The authorization will determine whether the payment instrument is valid. So if you want to authorize payment, you can skip this step. Article 5.2 of the aforementioned Royal Order contains the conditions that must be met when a company asks a third party or recipient to issue the invoices (c) the recipient who issues the invoices sends a copy of those invoices to the supplier. The ValidateBillingAgreement process returns a success or error value to the ValidateResult setting. If the error is returned, you will also receive a cause code.

Here are proposals to deal with the different case codes: b) there must be a procedure for the supplier to accept each invoice (acceptance procedure); In addition, if the company issuing the invoices is established outside the European Union, prior notification must be sent to the Spanish tax authorities.

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