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I like it a lot! Would you mind if I did it as a contract with myself? 🙂 Thank you for writing this thing. This has had an impact in my life, and I have a vision that I will soon encounter a better version of myself. 🙂 I made this agreement a long time ago, and I believe in all my many other lives, to see the beauty around me, to celebrate this beauty and to complete it where and when I can. (d) Treat my addiction to the iPhone. Yes, I have one and the chances are good, too. Download the “Moment” app to collect data on my iPhone usage (I usually find that collecting objective data on current behavior is the only way to know what to change – I`ve been collecting table data on my finances for 3 years and more, and it`s really informative and surprising). With the “Freedom” app to prevent me from accessing social media or other websites during my “task” hours. Committing to a goal can mean giving up something else. You may not go out as often with your friends or spend as much time with your family as you like. Either you don`t enter all the clubs you`re interested in or you play on a sports team.

That`s the way it is. If you don`t trust yourself enough, have someone else sign the contract. The co-signer may be a close friend, mentor or respected co-worker. Ideally, this person should be someone who is looking for you so that they will keep you online if necessary. I agreed to have order and peace in my personal space, and to keep the sounds of applause and nothing from the outside world — the complainants — as much as possible without being a hermit. There was nothing I could do to go back in time, but I was able to re-devote myself to achieving my goal, the goal that my grandfather so proudly supported: to graduate from university – no matter what. My grandfather thought I could. Now I was even more determined. When I didn`t sleep last night, I had a really informative time.

I read Foundr: vs1.0 (I gave it to my brother at Christmas and according to tradition, I flew to read before it disappeared somewhere) and I read a quote about the need to get coaches, mentors and counselors. My first response was, “How am I going to find these people?” And then came the question: “What kind of tutoring/coaching/advice do I really need? I have written all the areas where I need help (z.B. Community Building, Franchising, Marketing, Corporate Training). The next question came up: making a commitment to a big or small goal is the same as a commitment to someone else. It`s a deal you make with yourself. But now there is no one who can disappoint, except himself. [EFFECT] I have not achieved some of the language/teaching and training goals I wanted to achieve in 2017. I moved my comfort zone in another way, questioning my beliefs about who I was creative about, talking to strangers most days, running and talking to trigger events in front of up to 70 people. But I didn`t see myself as an expert in conversation. I don`t really like the term “expert” anyway, because it suggests an authority that shouldn`t be questioned, and I`ve learned that expertise is just “your truth” and not “the truth.”

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