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In addition to establishing a clearer mechanism for monitoring compliance with transfer pricing rules with regard to cross-border transactions, including through the conclusion of pre-conciliation agreements, mainly bilateral and multilateral, the draft law encourages the adoption of rules for the implementation of mutual agreement procedures. These rules provide the framework for the competent Russian authorities to contact their foreign counterparts, both in terms of transfer pricing and in other international tax matters. This opens up wide scope for Russian taxpayers to increase transparency and predictability in the tax treatment of cross-border transactions and to eliminate double taxation through dialogue with the competent tax authorities of the States concerned. The FCD model approach is another example of pressure on transfer pricing policy, which separates risks from functions. Where the transactions covered by a taxable person involve more routine functions and risks, the IRS requires the taxable person to complete this template to see if rpsm or another method is more appropriate than the method proposed by the liability person to provide results for a comparison. This requires more diligence on the part of taxpayers, including a system-wide profit position, which may not be readily available. While the results of the FCD model could be essentially consistent with the results of the taxable person`s initial method, the analysis must be completed in order to adopt this provision. The amendments introduced by the draft law recently adopted by the Greek Parliament respond to current transfer pricing needs and challenges, as the overall ABS environment in Greece is strengthened and taxpayers benefit from an instrument providing even greater stability and security for their business-to-business transactions. It is important to keep in mind that the provisions of the January version of the TP amendments, which allow for the modification or premature termination of an APA at the initiative of the Federal Tax Service if necessary to ensure compliance with the att-call principle, were excluded from the September draft. . . .

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